The Travelling Folk


The Travelling Folk (TTF) is a travelling folk club for West Kent and East Sussex. We don't meet regularly in one venue but gather in pre-selected pubs around the area on the first and third Thursdays of each month to enjoy ourselves and to bring folk music to those who may not have had the opportunity of experiencing a live folk session before. |



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Other TTF events

Folk in the Woods - 21 June 2009


Our third trip to Goudhurst in June 2009 was favoured with a fair sky after the previous year's precipitation. Our hosts, Dave and Margaret, were already there as they camp out, tending the wood at various times throughout the year. This piece of land was originally a hop field and Dave planted the many trees himself helping it to become a beautiful haven for wildlife.

The first job on arrival was helping to cut back the bushes for the vehicles access and erect a second awning just in case! The bonfire was already alight waiting for the kettle to sing its heart out as guests trickled in bearing contributions for the picnic table and bar as well as their instruments, chairs and tables.

The rose bay willow herb was in full bloom and embellished the woodland's glory. We had walks through the peace and tranquility of the trees down to the stream. There was plenty to eat and drink and we even found time for singing, music and friendly banter. It truly is a magical place.

Terry, Roger and John stoke the fire ready for the kettle

Alfresco session