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The Travelling Folk (TTF) is a travelling folk club for West Kent and East Sussex. We don't meet regularly in one venue but gather in pre-selected pubs around the area on the first and third Thursdays of each month to enjoy ourselves and to bring folk music to those who may not have had the opportunity of experiencing a live folk session before. |




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Ted ClarkTed Clark

TTF stalwart Ted died on 10 June 2017 after many years of fragile health. For a good part of TTF’s existence Ted was our musical mainstay and often had his late wife Kath at his side for moral support.

Ted was a marvellous musician particularly on the melodian and concertina. One of the highlights of TTF sessions was always to enjoy him playing his boxes in that majestic flowing style he made his own.

A good number of us attended the funeral and the wake where we played some tunes in his memory.

Ted was also a very fine ceilidh band leading musician most prominently with The Fokus Band in the 1990s.

Like Graham and Fred before him, he will be greatly missed.

Terry King - 30 November 2017

Terry King's history of Elsie's

TTF Organiser Terry King contributed an article to the Eden Valley Museum magazine about the history of the characterful Queen’s Arms at Cowden Pound where he hosts the second Tuesday of the month singing and music evening, and which has been a centre of folk activity for many years. Click here for PDF copy.

TTF Sussex Song & Ale July 2014

A short account of the walk from Upper Dicker...

Ten of us walked under a cloudy but promising sky, along the Wealdway towards Arlington. The view of the Weald north of the golf course was much admired but soon eclipsed by the even more stunning spectacle of the rolling Downs to the south.

We were able to drink up this view as we followed the Wealdway through fields and past a small fish-pond by the road we crossed. Then we wiggled along a stretch of the Cuckmere River which afforded us a chuckling weir and a cheery splash of kingcup or marsh marigold (yellow waterlilies).

Elizabeth - 5 July 2014